209. The End Time of the Third Epoch Is the Reversal of Energy Flow


1 Within the energy flow of the universe, a lot of “reversed flows” appear constantly. Reversed flow is a natural phenomenon. These fluxes of reversed flows have caused great changes in the spiral harmony system,[35] causing the living beings in the spiral harmony systems, the highly intelligent living beings, to undergo great changes.

1 在宇宙的整個氣運中,不斷地有很多「逆流」出現。逆流也是一種自然現象。在旋和系裡,經過許多逆流的沖盪,整個氣運就發生極大的變化。旋和系裡面的生物,高智慧的生物,就遭遇極大的變化。

2 There is no way for the humans on Earth to totally understand the changes of nature in the cosmos. We only understand some because our Earth is closely related to the solar system and directly impacted by it.

2 地球人類沒辦法了解宇宙中自然的變化。不過是因為與所在的太陽系直接發生關係,並且因為我們這個地球直接受到影響,我們才了解的啊!

3 For example, let us look at the End Time of the Third Epoch. According to report from the nonphysical force, there are more than thirty spiral harmony systems that are about to go through the process of the End Time of the Third Epoch, where a great many living beings will suffer. In other words, they will go through the process of dying.

3 就拿這一次的三期末劫來講,根據無形的報告,有三十幾個旋和系要遭逢三期末劫。三期末劫就是生靈要大大的塗炭了,就是要經過死亡的階段。

The Anthro-Celestial Research College, October 9, 1991


[35] Spiral harmony system is the foundation of the formation of the universe. (see Chapter 2, section 1 of A New Ream)