181. Averting and Dispelling Holocausts Requires Real Actions


1 The advantages of quiet sitting are: on a grand scale you can attain the Dao and ascend to heaven; on a lesser scale, you can cultivate yourself and prolong your life.

1 靜坐,小者可以修身養性,延年益壽;大者可以得道飛昇,逍遙自在。

2 However, as a member of the Lord of Universe Church, you cannot be satisfied with personal blessings only. Rather, you should regard the wellbeing of all the living beings of this world as your own responsibility.

2 然而身為天帝教的一份子,不能以個人的福報為滿足,而應以天下蒼生之禍福為己任。

3 You should use quiet sitting as the means to preach the Dao, to avert and dispel holocausts in order to save all living beings of the world.

3 以靜坐為手段,以傳道立教,化延浩劫,拯救蒼生為目的。

4 You can absolutely not turn “averting and dispelling nuclear holocausts to save all the living beings of this world” into catchphrases. You must act. The actions we are referring to, and the least that you can do, are chanting the Grand Orison and the Precious Orisons.

4 萬不可將「化延核戰毀滅浩劫,拯救天下蒼生」落為口號,要有實際行動。而所謂實際行動,最基本的便是虔誦皇誥、寶誥。

5 These two Orisons are the treasures for calming your hearts and instruments to resolve dangers for you. Their innate energy is of utmost strength and greatness that can destroy any obstacle, break any demonic curse, and eliminate all evils. They can help ghost spirits to cross over, heal many diseases, change one’s disposition, cultivate the innate spirituality, assist one to reach enlightenment of the true Dao, wrap up worldly affinities and save the world from calamities.

5 因為兩誥都是定心之寶、解厄之器,其先天靈炁至大至剛,無所不摧,可以破萬邪,可以除萬魔,可以度陰魅,可以治百病,可以調心性,可以修先天,可以悟真道,可以了塵緣,更可救天下災劫。

6 We are now in the right time and place, and with the right people, to chant the Orisons. You should cherish this opportunity. Whoever chants more Orisons and whoever’s vows are greater will receive stronger spiritual support. The heavenly light will shine more upon those who have already had the light. These people will be surrounded by great spirits to assist them at all times, so that bad things would be turned into good things and that these people could save themselves and help save others. I hope everyone can ponder carefully of what I said and take real actions.

6 此其時也,正是天時、地利、人和之機,應珍惜把握。誰唸得多,心願就越大,靈力的加持就越強。光光相照,吉神隨侍,逢凶化吉,救人救己。願大家仔細領悟,身體力行。

The Women’s First Chinese Original Quiet Sitting Class, April 24, 1983