190. Blessings Come Naturally without Asking


1 An important thing during chanting the Orisons is to remain focused without having wondering thoughts. More important is that you do not look for what you can gain. In fact, blessings will come to you without you asking.

1 誦誥很重要的是一心不亂,神不外馳,更要緊的是不為自己打算。實際上是不求福而福自臨。

2 Chanting the Orisons with a focused mind requires quite a bit of practice. It is hard to avoid thoughts from emerging. The nonphysical force will evaluate to see if your thoughts are truly not for your own gain or for your own blessings. If it is so, you will be blessed by the nonphysical force without even asking.

2 誦誥時要一心不亂,需要相當的功力,因為人難免會起心動念。無形會考核這個念頭是否真正不為自己打算,不求個人福報。如果是,無形自然會有所眷顧。

The R.O.C. Presiding Hall, February 8, 1987