214. Keeping Spirits in the Underworld Pacified and People Peaceful


1 People become peaceful only when the spirits in the underworld are pacified. “People being peaceful” means that everyone can live a peaceful and happy life in the human world. Only when that happens can we say “guiding the spirits of the three realms to cross over, keeping spirits in the underworld pacified and keeping people peaceful.”

1 要陰安才能陽泰。陽泰就是在人間這個社會,大家可以安和樂利的過快樂的日子。如此才能說是「普度三曹、陰安陽泰」。

2 What are the “three realms?” They are the realms of heaven, human, and the underworld. To guide the spirits of the three realms to cross over means we also need to help the little Buddhas and immortals [of the lowest level] in the realm of heaven, in addition to helping humans in the human world, as well as ghosts from the underworld to cross over to a better and elevated spiritual place. They also depend on the Lord of Universe Church to cultivate them so that they can ascend to a higher level.

2 什麼是三曹?天、地、人三曹是也。普度三曹是說除了要度人(人曹)、度鬼(地曹),也包括要度天上面這許多小仙小佛(天曹)。他們也要靠天帝教去栽培他們,他們才能夠上昇。

3 Tianji Traveling Palace is the Dao Center for the human realm. Leili’a Dao Center, the Dao Center for the heavenly realm, is the center for resolving world calamities. Tian’an Funerary Hall is the Dao Center for the underworld. Once Tian’an Funerary Hall is inaugurated, the operations of the three realms can be connected.

3 天極行宮是人曹道場。鐳力阿是天曹道場,是化解整個世界劫運的中心。天安太和道場是地曹道場。等到天安太和道場啟用以後,天、地、人三曹即可貫通。

4 The Extended Phase of Abundance is a necessary extension from the Phase of Spring to the Phase of Abundance. It is necessary for settling spirits [ghosts] that lost their lives in calamities on Earth. Therefore, Tian’an Funerary Hall is an important part of the Extended Phase of Abundance.

4 延康末劫是從春劫進入康劫中的必經過程。它的部分工作是安頓應劫的陰靈,因此天安太和道場是延康末劫過程中一個重要的部分。

The Anthro-Celestial Research College, October 30, 1991