216. An Encounter That Happened Only Once Since Time Immemorial


1 You and I were born into this day and age. We can say that we are indeed the luckiest. This time occurs only once in a billion years.

1 我同你們生在這個時代,真是可以說是千載難逢。

2 Why did you come to join the world-saving and preaching work of the Lord of Universe Church on the Revival Base of Taiwan? Why did you shoulder the task of saving all the living beings of this world and study heavenly mandates? Why is it so?

2 為什麼現在會到天帝教復興基地台灣來參與這個救劫弘教的工作,來負起這個拯救天下蒼生的任務,來研究天命?為什麼呢?

3 I have been telling you all along that: “I am just a figurehead, a puppet. The nonphysical powers have been keeping me on a leash taking me from place to place, east, south, west, and north. I accept all of God’s assignments.” We all work under God’s assignments to take part in the tasks of preaching and saving the world. This is indeed an encounter that has taken place only once since time immemorial.

3 我過去一直告訴你們:我這個人就是一個傀儡、木偶。無形提著我這條線,提到東南西北,提來提去。我一切都是聽 上帝安排。我們大家都是在 上帝的安排下,參與救劫弘教的工作。真是曠劫難逢!

The Anthro-Celestial Research College, January 9, 1992