184. The Faith One Should Have when Chanting the Orisons


1 It is up to the individual striver’s willingness to chant the Grand Orison. It cannot be coerced. But who should you think of first when you are deciding to chant or not to chant? Why do you want to chant?

1 誦唸皇誥,全憑同奮自己發心,不加絲毫勉強。但是在唸與不唸之間,先要想到為誰而唸?為什麼要唸?

2 Based on your opinions, all of you think that the first and foremost thought is to save all the living beings of this world. This is because only when all living beings are saved can there be a future and can there be hope for individuals.

2 綜合大家的意見,大家一致認為,要先存救天下蒼生之念。因天下蒼生得救,世界人類才有前途,個人才會有希望。

3 Individuals, families, societies, countries, races, and in fact, all of humanity, are of one body. This body is closely related and none of its parts can be missing. When doing for others, you are, in fact, doing for yourselves.

3 個人、家庭、社會、國家、民族,以至於全人類,實際是宛如一體,息息相關,缺一環而不可。為別人也就是為自己。

4 I am telling you sincerely right now, that if you choose not to chant, you will not have another opportunity to chant in the future. It would be too late and your regrets will be to no end.

4 我要懇切的告訴各位同奮,現在不唸,以後想唸,已經是時不我予,後悔也來不及了。

5 When chanting the Orison, if your faith is not firm or you are skeptical, or you are unable to focus your thoughts, it would have no effect.

5 誦唸時,如信心不堅,或心有存疑,或意念不能專一,一律無效。

6 First you must have unwavering faith and pure thoughts, and then your effort can produce tremendous power, which is to say “your faith remains firm and unchanged, and the miasma of demons can be cleared away.”

6 大家先要有純正的思想,確立堅定不移的信心,如此方能產生無與倫比的力量,即「信心不惑,澄清赤魔氛。」

7 To avert and dispel nuclear destruction means to stall all nuclear wars for as long as possible so more people’s hearts can be saved, with the hope that the heavenly mind can be turned to reduce the scale of calamities, and eventually prevent the holocausts completely.

7 化延核戰毀滅劫就是將全面的核子毀滅戰爭,使其時間儘量拖延,爭取最多時間,來挽救人心;希望扭轉天心,減少生靈傷害,終至消弭浩劫於無形。

8 Currently there are thirty-some planets in the great cosmos that are experiencing the End Time of the Third Epoch, a process that was started by our planet Earth. Persons of affinity who have righteous qi will be able to escape from this unprecedented holocaust.

8 當此大宇宙中有三十餘個星球,氣運均屆三期末劫,而以本地球的劫運最早開始。凡有正氣奮鬥的原人,將都能逃過這場空前浩劫。

9 Strong faith and persistence form the spiritual force for breaking through any tribulations. Based on this faith, members of this Church will be able to face any challenge and achieve all striving goals every step of the way.

9 信心的堅毅和固執,是衝破任何艱危困難的精神力量。天帝教同奮本此信心,迎接一切挑戰,以達成每一階段的奮鬥目標。

Fellowship Meeting, February 15, 1985