217. Unified China Is a Prerequisite to World Peace

二一七、中國統一 世界才有和平

1 Do not think “securing Taiwan” only means protecting twenty million people. It matters a great deal more when it comes to securing Taiwan. You must understand that protecting Taiwan is protecting 1.2 billion Chinese as well. Only when there is Taiwan, can there be China. Only when there is China, can there be the entire world, and can there be world peace.

1 「保台」關係實在太大了。不要以為保護台灣就是保護我們兩千萬的人啊!要知道,保護台灣就是保護十二億的中國人。有台灣才有中國,有中國才有全世界,世界才能和平。

2 Do not take Taiwan too lightly and limit your attention to the twenty million people. Because only when there is Taiwan can there be the unification of China! When all of China is unified and stabilized, there will be world peace and a permanent peace.

2 不要把台灣看得太小了,只限於兩千萬同胞。有台灣,中國才能統一啊!中國統一了,安定了以後,世界才能和平,永久和平啊!

The Anthro-Celestial Research College, March 6, 1992