222. The Energy Flow in the End Time of the Third Epoch


1 The main directing force of the entire universe is the “energy flow.” God follows the force of nature and uses the laws of nature to manage the universe.

1 整個大宇宙的主導力量就是氣運。 上帝順應大自然的力量,運用宇宙的自然法則管理宇宙。

2 Presently, more than thirty planets in this universe have already entered the period of the End Time of the Third Epoch. These planets are experiencing the greatest energy flow changes, and they are constantly experiencing natural disasters and man- made calamities. In our solar system, among all planets, the Earth is the first to undergo the Phase of Onset of the End Time of the Third Epoch.

2 在這個宇宙間,現正有著三十幾個星球已經進入了三期末劫的時代。這些星球的氣運變化最大,而且不斷發生天災人禍,其中以我們這一個太陽系的地球最先啟動三期末劫。

3 In the nonphysical realm, regardless which planet will undergo the End Time of the Third Epoch, the phases of the End Time are planned extensively by the nonphysical powers. One high being of the nonphysical realm will be in charge of launching the Phase of Onset of that planet. In the meantime, another high being will be assigned to come down to save living beings from holocausts. This is to say, the Phase of Onset [outbreak of wars] and rescuing beings from holocausts take place at the same time.

3 在無形組織中,無論那一個星球要啟動三期劫運,無形就會有許多規劃。一面規劃那一位上聖高真到這個星球上去行劫,同時也規劃那一位上聖高真下去救劫。也就是行劫救劫,同時起步。

The Leili’a Dao Center, July 2, 1992