182. Returning to the Origin of the Universe


1 The [Dao] way is the path. It is the road. As long as there is just one person in the family who walks the right way without losing his sense of direction, he can go back to the old home and bring every family member back with him.

1 道者,道路、大道也。只要家中有一人能走大路,不迷失方向,能回老家,就可以把家人統統帶去。

2 There is an old Chinese adage that expresses the same idea, which says: “when one person attains the Dao, his ancestors of the past nine generations would all be allowed to ascend.” Therefore, the home we have acquired on Earth is not worth becoming attached to.

2 中國有句古諺說:「一人得道,九玄七祖皆昇天」,就是這個意思。因此,後天的家是不足留戀的。

3 Only by cultivating and attaining the Dao can we go back to the origin. The ultimate goals are to live forever and to unite with others at the old home.

3 只有修道、得道,以求能回到原來的地方。永生永存,在老家團聚,才是終極目標。

4 The old home is the origin of the universe. As long as strivers of the Church are sincere when chanting the Grand Orison and the Precious Orisons, they can not only avert and dispel nuclear holocausts but they can also return to God’s side at the origin of the universe and have eternal life.

4 老家就是大宇宙的根源。天帝教同奮只要虔誦皇誥、寶誥,不但可以化延核戰毀滅浩劫,而且還能回到大宇宙的根源 上帝的身邊,而與宇宙共始終。

Kazan Kai Kan (Kazan Conference Center), Tora no Mon, Tokyo, Japan, November 19, 1983