199. “Not Looking for What One Can Gain, Not Seeking One’s Own Blessings”

一九九、不為自己打算 不求個人福報

1 The aim of most people who engage in quiet sitting class is to personally benefit from it. They do it for health and longevity. From our first Chinese Original Quiet Sitting Class up until now, we have told people that the essence of Chinese Original Quiet Sitting practice from the standpoint of the Lord of Universe Church is “not to look for our own gain, and not to seek blessings for ourselves.”

1 大多數人參加靜坐的目的,都是為自己打算,為了健康長壽而來。我們從正宗靜坐第一期開始到現在,就告訴大家,天帝教最重要的精神,就是「不為自己打算,不求個人福報」。

2 Whether we practice quiet sitting, pray, or chant the Orisons, the foremost thing is not to look for our own gain. We should forget about ourselves.

2 無論是靜坐、祈禱、誦誥,首先都要不為自己打算,要忘我。

3 We usually think of religious believers as people who are looking for spiritual solace. If they practice self-cultivation, it is in the hope of going to heaven someday, or returning to an ideal realm. Some even take it up so they may have a good fortune in their lifetime. They pray for blessings, wealth, and longevity.

3 一般的宗教徒,都是求精神寄託,談修身養性,將來可以上天,回到理想的境界。有的更是為了現世求福報,祈求多福、多祿、多壽。

4 You should realize that praying to deities or Buddhas is not something that can bring you fortune, wealth, or longevity. The basic concepts of the Lord of Universe Church are very different from these beliefs.

4 求神拜佛根本不可能求到這些福、祿、壽。天帝教的基本觀念就與那些不同。

5 All of our fellow strivers know that the aim of seeking the Dao is to save the world and its people. It is not just for self-cultivation in order to be free from reincarnations. All of our methods of cultivation, whether saying prayers, chanting the Orisons, or quiet sitting, aim at saving the world and its people. They are for the world and mankind.

5 我們的同奮都了解修道的目的,不是自私自了。包括祈禱、誦誥、靜坐等等修持方法,目的都是要救世救人,為整個世界人類做打算。

6 Low level church officers must first and foremost have the basic understanding: having an indomitable spirit, dedicating and sacrificing themselves to God in order to accomplish the temporal mission of averting holocausts in the End Time of the Third Epoch.

6 弘教基層幹部首先要有正確基本觀念,就是要有大無畏的精神,犧牲自己,奉獻給 上帝,完成挽救三期末劫的時代使命。

The Men’s Sixth Chinese Original Quiet Sitting Xianxiu Class and the Women’s Ninth Chinese Original Quiet Sitting Class, December 19, 1987