191. The End Time of the Third Epoch Is Nuclear Holocausts


1 The Lord of Universe Church is concerned with holocaust-rescuing. It refers to the “End Time of the Third Epoch,” which has been talked about among religions in the past few hundred years in Chinese history.

1 天帝教是一個救劫的宗教,是要救中國宗教上幾百年來所說的三期末劫。

2 The End Time of the Third Epoch is about nuclear holocausts. No one dares to or can tell to what extent the destruction will be.

2 所謂三期末劫,就是核戰毀滅浩劫。整個人類不敢講也不忍講會毀滅到什麼程度。

3 The revival of the Lord of Universe Church on Earth was mandated by God as the world is on the brink of nuclear wars. The purpose is to save the good seeds, those persons of affinity, to prevent good people from perishing with the bad.

3 天帝教就是在核子戰爭邊緣經奉 上帝核准重來地球,來搶救善良種子,搶救原人,不要使好人、壞人同歸於盡。

4 The mission of the Church is to rescue the world from holocausts at the End Time. That is why we have been stressing that the Lord of Universe Church is about holocaust-rescuing, it is also an organized church, as well as a church of the universe.

4 天帝教的使命就是救末劫,救世界,所以一再強調天帝教是一個救劫的宗教,也是一個有組織的宗教,更是一個宇宙性的宗教。

5 In other words, when God created the universe, God used the great Dao of the universe to teach all intelligent beings on all planets in order to manage them. My fellow strivers, keep your minds open, do not seek your own gains, but look beyond that and look at the entire universe.

5 換句話講,在 上帝創造宇宙的同時,為了管理所有星球上的生物, 上帝以宇宙大道來教化所有星球上的智慧生物。同奮要把心胸擴大,不是一切只為自己打算;眼光要放遠,要看整個大宇宙。

Dedication Ceremony of the Yucheng Shrine, March 29, 1987