221. A New China According to Heaven’s Will and People’s Desires


1 People’s eyes are clear, [they can see what is going on]. With one thought, with a wise choice, you can surely do the best you can without holding back, no matter what you do. As the trends of the world change, your decisions will become congruent with heaven and with people’s ideas and you will be supported from all directions. We will be witnessing “One Country, One Ideology,” and both sides of the Taiwan Strait will proceed naturally toward peaceful unification.

1 人民的眼睛是雪亮的。一念之間,明智抉擇,果能毅然放手乾坤一擲,大勢所趨,必然天與人歸,萬方擁護,將見「一個國家,一個主義」,兩岸自然走向和平統一。

2 Under reasonable conditions that meet the needs of Chinese social characteristics, we should write a new constitution, give the country a new name, reestablish and build a democratic country that is ruled by law, where the citizens are evenly affluent and live in peace and prosperity; a modern new China where people’s desires and God’s wish are fulfilled. This new China will be accepted and praised by all the Chinese people and by the world, and your name will be remembered in history.

2 在合乎中國社會特色合情合理的條件之下,重新制定新憲法,重立新國號,共建一個民主、法治、均富、和平、繁榮又合乎天意人願的新中國,可為全國人民及世人所肯定及讚頌而垂名青史。

3 This action of creating a new China will be welcome by both men and heaven. It could also usher us into the “Chinese People’s Twenty-First Century.” Time does not wait for anyone. Do not let the opportunity slip by. The wellbeing of all people depends on your single thought. This major undertaking, which is going to impact thousands of years to come, truly depends on your decision.

3 此舉必然會天人額首同慶,並可迎接即將來到「中國人的二十一世紀」。時不我予,機不可失,全民福祉,繫於一念。千秋大業,實唯賴之。

A Letter to Mr. Deng Xiaoping, June 5, 1992