197. Looking at the Big Picture and Forgetting One’s Self to Save Others

一九七、大處著眼 忘我救人

1 The purpose of chanting the Grand Orison is to unconditionally chant it for all the living beings of this world. We rely on our ever-strengthening will power to eliminate the miasma of violence, to avert and dispel nuclear holocausts, and to secure Taiwan as the Base of Revival.

1 唸皇誥的目的是無條件的為天下蒼生。靠著增強的念力,消除暴戾之氣,化延核戰毀滅浩劫,並確保台灣復興基地。

2 I have been stressing to all strivers of the Church that we need to look at the big picture and see our big goal clearly. Even though we have individual difficulties and pain, we still need to strive to save all the living beings of this world before God. We must forget ourselves and save others, and then we will be looked after by God.

2 我一再強調全教同奮要認清大的目標,要由大處著眼。儘管個人有困難,有痛苦,在 上帝面前仍然要為拯救天下蒼生奮鬥。必須忘我救人,然後才能獲得 上帝的照顧。

3 My fellow strivers should not rely on luck like the opportunists. You must strive hard and be willing to sacrifice for the two temporal missions.

3 同奮不可存有投機取巧的僥倖心理,定要真誠發心,為兩大時代使命犧牲奉獻,努力奮鬥。

Year-End Comprehensive Evaluation Meeting, December 13, 1987