179. Praying and Chanting the Grand Orison Earnestly to Avert and Dispel World Crises

一七九、虔誠祈禱誦誥 化延世界危機

1 Strivers who took Quiet Sitting Classes know that the purpose of learning quiet sitting is not for seeking one’s own health or long life. The purpose is to shoulder our common mission of striving to save all the living beings of this world and to avert nuclear holocausts by gathering together to pray and do quiet sitting.

1 參加靜坐的同奮都了解,我們學靜坐不是為求自身健康長壽而來,而是藉靜坐,大家聚集起來會禱、會坐,負起共同之使命,拯救天下蒼生,為化延世界核戰危機而奮鬥。

2 Each Class since the beginning of the first Quiet Sitting Class has shared a common belief. Although there were not many, we have already exerted a high level of spiritual force.

2 從第一期靜坐班以來,每一期同奮都有這樣一個共同的信念,儘管人數少,但是我們已經發揮了高度的精神力量。

3 Looking back, two years ago, when the Soviet Union was invading Afghanistan, the Persian Gulf was experiencing the most intense moments. Strivers from the first two Quiet Sitting Classes prayed and chanted the Grand Orison day and night.

3 回想兩年以前,蘇俄入侵阿富汗,當時是波斯灣風雲最緊張的時期。我們兩期全體同奮,日日夜夜在祈禱、誦誥。

4 All strivers understood how tense the world situation was at the time. There was nothing else anyone could do. Not a single person could control the situation. The future of the human race and the fate of the world were all in the hands of God. We could only pray to God to use His nonphysical force to make the leaders of the Soviet Union think logically and not react casually. This was the common thought that we all held, asking God to avert and dispel nuclear calamities and keep them from taking place.

4 當時天帝教的同奮都了解世界的局勢非常緊張,因為在人事上已經無能為力,沒有一個人可以有力量來控制。惟有祈禱 上帝發揮無形的力量,使得蘇聯的領導者能理智能正常,不要輕舉妄動。當時大家秉持這一信念,祈求 上帝化延核戰毀滅劫。

5 The term “avert and dispel” means that we have hope that full-blown nuclear wars can be stalled, lessened and scaled down to local nuclear wars, and even further, to traditional wars.

5 所謂化延,就是希望世界全面核子戰爭能夠拖延,並減化為局部核子戰爭,再進而能化為一般的傳統戰爭。

6 The Soviet Union was deterred by the United States from taking further actions. Soon after that, the two Islamic states in the Middle East, Iran and Iraq, went to war. It has been two years since they began fighting and it is not over yet.

6 後來蘇聯受了美國的嚇阻,不敢進一步的採取行動。不久之後,中東兩個回教兄弟國家,伊朗與伊拉克就發生戰爭,一直到現在,已經拖了兩年多尚未結束。

7 Think about it, is it not up to the spiritual force from God to stall the regional nuclear war in the Middle East and turn it into traditional war?

7 各位想想,這是不是 上帝發揮了無形的精神力量,使得中東地區局部核子戰爭暫時拖延下來,化為一般傳統戰爭?

8 Strivers of the Lord of Universe Church understand that we are still under the threat of nuclear war, and that everyone is psychologically still worrying about it.

8 天帝教的同奮都了解,今天人類仍然受核子戰爭的威脅,大家在心裡上都有些陰影存在。

9 Even though we live in such a peaceful and prosperous time in Taiwan and have a free lifestyle, we must be aware that the future of Taiwan affects the future of all of China, and it also affects the future of the world. So we plead with God by chanting the Grand Orison repeatedly to avert and dispel nuclear wars and at the same time secure Taiwan.

9 儘管我們在台灣過著如此安定繁榮的自由生活,但是台灣的命運關係到整個中國之前途,進而影響到世界的前途。所以我們哀求 上帝,一面能夠化延世界核子戰爭,一面能夠確保台灣。

10 The Hierarch of the Lord of Universe Church is God. The prayers and pleadings from the strivers of the Church can reach God directly; hence, if fellow strivers can keep their faith and pray sincerely to God, their prayers would be answered by God.

10 天帝教的教主就是 上帝。天帝教同奮的祈禱哀求是可以直接通達 上帝的。所以本教同奮如果能夠秉持這一信心,虔誠祈禱哀求,一定能夠得到 上帝之感應。

The Eighth Chinese Original Quiet Sitting Class, November 28, 1982