180. Practicing God’s True Dao to Avert Holocausts

一八0、行天帝真道 化毀滅浩劫

1 Any tangible physical materials on any planet cannot last forever. Sooner or later they will be destroyed.

1 星球上有形有質的任何物質體,在時間上是不能持久,遲早必要毀滅。

2 When physical life ends, the flesh rots. Based on the principle of “like attracts like,” the etropons return to their original state, the harmonons drift about in the cosmic space and are governed by the law of “attraction of the opposites.” [According to Buddhism,] this is the natural and unavoidable process of the four phases of the cosmos: genesis, existence, destruction, and void.

2 肉體生命一旦結束,屍骸腐爛,電子即被同性相引而歸原,和子則脫離軀殼,飄遊於大空之間,受異引律之支配。此為宇宙成、住、壞、空無法逃避的自然過程。

3 However, humans on Earth are rapidly self- destructing. They have lost their true nature. They are insatiable with materialistic things and they have become hopeless. They violate familial and social structure and they kill one another. They are deviating from the harmony and order created by God, so that the Third World War, a nuclear war, is on the brink of breaking out. The Earth has come to the possibility of being destroyed before its time and everything has come very close to total destruction.

3 但是,現時地球上的人類正在自求急速滅亡,已是迷失本性,貪戀物慾,無藥可救;離經叛道,自相殘殺,將要脫離 上帝為宇宙和諧所安排的軌道,以致世界第三次大戰的核子戰爭,瀕臨隨時觸發的邊緣,地球將有提前毀滅的可能,接近同歸於盡。

4 Time is pressing. We need to heed the warnings the creator of the universe has given us. We need to think about how we are going to deal with the upcoming nuclear wars. Just think what kind of tragic fate lies ahead of us.

4 時間緊迫,要趕快聽宇宙主宰對世人的警告,想想要如何面對即將來臨的核子戰爭。想想這將是個怎麼樣的悲慘命運。

5 Billions upon billions of spirits will be harmed below the outer space of the Earth. Most of the spirits will vaporize like dust. Even the harmonons will vanish completely. Today the only thing that people of the world can do is to begin by saving themselves from their roots and diligently preaching the true Dao of God. Perhaps there is still hope that holocausts can be averted and dispelled.

5 從地球外太空以下,億萬生靈將都要受到傷害。大部份會化成像飛塵一樣的東西,連和子體可以說也將完全消失。今天世人惟有急起從根自救,努力傳佈天帝真道,或可望化延毀滅浩劫於無形。

Talking about physical life and spiritual life from the standpoint of cosmic life, November 29, 1981