210. Securing Taiwan, the Base of Revival


1 The beginning of the End Time of the Third Epoch began in China. When the Mukden Incident [the Manchurian Incident] broke out on September 18, 1931, the Republic of China was still in Mainland China. Today, sixty years later, the Republic of China has moved to an island.

1 三期末劫最先是從中國開始。在民國二十年九一八事件的時代,中華民國當時還在大陸。六十年後的今天,中華民國已經到一個海島上面來。

2 The impact of the End Time of the Third Epoch is indeed too great. Suppose the Republic of China ceased to exist, no one would have paid special attention to the End Time of the Third Epoch.

2 三期末劫這個衝擊、變化實在太大了。假定中華民國沒有了,就沒有人會去重視這個三期末劫了。

3 To maintain the existence of the Republic of China, God, together with all the sages and saints from the Golden Tower, must secure Taiwan as the revival base. They set up a special case to protect Taiwan. This act tells us that the powers above give great attention to the Republic of China, and that is also why the center of the world-saving effort is located in Taiwan.

3 而金闕為了確保臺灣復興基地,也就是要維持中華民國,特別成立一個保台方案,一個保護臺灣的方案,說明了天上非常重視中華民國。救劫的重心也因此集中在臺灣寶島。

The Anthro-Celestial Research College, October 16, 1991