198. Being Unselfish for Self- Attainment and for Saving the World and Its People

一九八、不是自私自了 而是救世救人

1 The reentry of the Lord of Universe Church to Earth was for tackling the causes of human problems. It requires fellow strivers to “not be looking for what one can gain or one’s own blessings;” rather, it requires us to strive to avert and dispel nuclear holocausts during the End Time of the Third Epoch, and complete our God-given mission.

1 天帝教重來人間,是針對人類的病根,要我同奮不為自己打算,不求個人福報,為完成 上帝交付我們的使命-化延三期末劫核子毀滅戰爭而奮鬥。

2 When the people of the world are saved we, naturally, are saved as well. The most dangerous thing at this time is that people are too selfish. Everyone looks out only for himself; rarely do we see unselfish and aboveboard people.

2 世人得救,自然自己也得救。現在最危險的,就是人類私心太重。人人為自己,很少有大公無私、正大光明的人。

3 The Lord of Universe Church belongs to God Himself. As the Earth is approaching the brink of destruction, God wants to bring those good seeds back by any means. He does not want them to be destroyed in nuclear wars along with the rest.

3 天帝教是 上帝自己的宗教。因為地球到了毀滅邊緣, 上帝要用種種方法,把善良種子度回去,不要讓他們在核子戰爭中同歸於盡。

4 Everyone must have a basic understanding, that is, we should not look for what we can gain or our own blessings. We should not be selfish or focused on self-attainment. Instead, we should save the world and save its people.

4 大家要有一個基本觀念,就是能夠做到不為自己打算,不求個人福報。不是自私自了,而是救世救人。

5 Strive for the two temporal missions and do the four cardinal disciplines. In the meantime, practice quiet sitting to temper jing, qi, and shen to create new life. I welcome everyone to join us in the line of striving.

5 為兩個時代使命努力奮鬥。做好四門基本功課,同時靜坐修道,鍛煉精氣神,創造新生命。歡迎大家一起來參與奮鬥行列。

The Men’s Sixth Chinese Original Quiet Sitting Xianxiu Class and the Women’s Ninth Chinese Original Quiet Sitting Class, December 19, 1987