211. The Respondent and the Anti- Respondent


1 In the infinite space of the universe, not all planets have received God’s teachings. The planets that did not receive God’s teachings are categorized [collectively] as Anti- Respondent Organization; they are heavenly demons. Their domain is where many spirits of outer space roam.

1 在這個宇宙浩瀚、無量無邊的空間, 上帝的教化,並不是被任何一個星球都接受的。凡是沒有受到 上帝教化的地方,就是反應元組織,就是天魔,是外太空這許多精靈活動的區域。

2 The planets within the sphere of influence under the jurisdiction of the Holy Birthless Mother and God are categorized [collectively] as the Respondent Organization. They spread God’s teachings of the great Dao of the universe.

2 凡是 無生聖母同 上帝的法統範圍,就叫應元組織,傳布著 上帝宇宙大道的道理。

3 The operation of the End Time of the Third Epoch in our solar system began from China. The target of the End Time operation is the people.

3 三期末劫,在我們這個太陽系的行星地球,首先從中國開始。劫運是以人間為主體。

4 Heaven offsets the Phase of Onset and at the same time begins saving people from calamities. There are two forces involved. One comes down to Earth to launch the Phase of Onset, while the other comes to rescue people from calamities. Both are directly responsible to God. This is what is called the Respondent Organization, “responding” to this energy flow.

4 天上一面行劫、一面救劫。兩班人馬,一班人馬是到地球上來行劫,另一班人馬是來救劫。一正一反都是直接向 上帝負責。行劫的向 上帝負責,救劫的也向 上帝負責。這個就是所謂的應元組織,來「應」這一個氣運。

5 This is why our Precious Orisons is called “The Respondent Precious Orisons of the Denizens of the Heavenly Domain for the End Time.” Why do we have the wording of “Respondent?” The “Respondent” means being in charge of the current shift. You should all study this term, “the Respondent,” as it has so much to do with the lives of all beings.

5 所以我們的寶誥為什麼叫「天曹應元寶誥」?為什麼有這個「應元」兩個字?「應元」就是當令。你們應該要研究應元這兩個字,因為祂們與眾性靈的關係太大了。

The Anthro-Celestial Research College, October 23, 1991