194. Expanding the Mind; Saving All the Living Beings of This World

一九四、擴大心胸 拯救蒼生

1 The revival of the Lord of Universe Church was mandated by God. Its main purpose is to save persons of affinity. The persons of affinity are the high beings of the nonphysical realm, the seeds of divine beings that came to incarnate on Earth with specific missions. Unfortunately, they were blinded by the seven emotions and six desires of the world and forgot their missions.

1 天帝教奉 上帝之命重來人間,主要是要搶救原人。所謂原人,就是原是上聖高真,都是仙佛種子,但因下凡被七情六慾蒙蔽,忘了原來的使命。

2 The first temporal mission of the Lord of Universe Church is to avert and dispel destruction from nuclear wars. The word “avert” has two meanings, one is to change from nuclear war to traditional warfare; the other meaning is to stall. Hopefully, stalling can buy enough time for a miracle to happen.

2 天帝教的時代使命,第一為化延人類核子戰爭的毀滅危機。所謂「化」就是化為傳統戰爭,所謂「延」就是拖,希望拖出一個奇蹟。

3 The second temporal mission is to secure Taiwan as the Base of Revival. I have often said that not only is the Lord of Universe Church against Communism, but also all religions are basically anti-Communistic. This is because Communism is atheism. They do not believe in God.

3 第二個使命為確保台灣復興基地。我常講,不但天帝教反共,任何一個宗教基本上也都反共,因為共產主義是無神論,不信 上帝。

4 The anti-Communistic base of the Republic of China is Taiwan, and Taiwan is the revival base of the Lord of Universe Church. This is why the second temporal mission of the Church is to plead with God to help us realize soon the unification of China under the Three Principles of the People.

4 中華民國的反共基地是台灣,而台灣是天帝教的復興基地,所以天帝教的第二時代使命是哀求 上帝,早日實現以三民主義統一中國。

5 Strivers of the Church must strive towards these two goals. The End Time is here and we are running out of time. The first and foremost thing is that we can all survive.

5 天帝教同奮,朝著這兩個共同目標奮鬥。世界末日已經到了,時間來不及了。首先希望大家都能活下去。

6 Only when everybody can survive, can individuals survive. Everyone needs to expand his mind, bear the responsibility of saving all the living beings of this world, save the world and its people, instead of merely looking for his personal gain.

6 唯有大家都能先活下去,個人才能活下去。大家需要擴大心胸,以拯救天下蒼生、救世救人為己任,不要為個人打算。

Dedication Ceremony of the Yuxiao Shrine, September 12, 1987