219. Doing Your Best without Holding Back


1 [I ask you to] plan carefully, be decisive, make wise choices, and do the best you can without holding back. [The Chinese should] walk on the path of genuine peaceful unification under “One Ideology, One China,” based on the central ideas of the Three Principles of the People. [We] should eliminate the vengeful mindset of generational hatred between the Chinese Nationalist Party [Kuomintang] and the Communist Party and avoid a major racial calamity, which would be disastrous and most tragic!

1 慎謀能斷,明智抉擇,放手乾坤一擲。以三民主義為中心思想,走上「一個主義、一個中國」的真正和平統一的道路。消除國共仇恨世代報復心理,避免一場民族大劫數、大災難、大悲劇!

A Letter to Mr. Deng Xiaoping, June 5, 1992