213. The Characteristics of the Phase of Spring


1 The six phases of the End Time are: Onset, Purification, Leveling, Spring, Abundance, and Unity. Why is there a Phase of Spring in its process? Most people know what abundance means. We enter the Phase of Unity from the Phase of Abundance.

1 行、清、平、春、康、同六階段劫運,怎麼中間有一個「春」字?「康」大家都知道,從小康進入大同。

2 What does the Phase of Spring mean? According to the Lord of Universe Church, in the entire process of the End Time of the Third Epoch, there is a Phase of Spring that falls before religious unity, world unity, and anthro-celestial unity, [which enables people to live according to laws of nature and cultivate by changing their behaviors and thoughts, and by maintaining moral standards.]

2 什麼叫「春劫」呢?就是在整個三期末劫過程中,天帝教所主張的在一道同風、宗教大同、世界大同、天人大同以前,還有一個春劫。

3 The Phase of Spring is the period where “thousands of flowers fight to bloom” and all religions sprout at the same time as if they were flowers.

3 春劫就是萬花怒放、萬教齊發。好像到了春天,各種花(宗教)爭相開放一般。

The Anthro-Celestial Research College, October 30, 1991