187. Becoming a Holocaust- Rescuing Missionary


1 The mission of the Lord of Universe Church is to save the world from holocausts. Everyone in this Church is a holocaust-rescuing missionary. We all bear the same responsibility and obligation.

1 天帝教是救劫的宗教。大家都是 上帝的救劫使者,大家都有這個責任、義務。

2 We must have self-confidence. Do not think you are insignificant and resign to lagging behind. Demonstrate your loyalty to God by having the courage and determination to shoulder the temporal missions. Strengthen your striving spirit to save yourself and the people of this world.

2 我們更要有自信心,不要認為個人渺小而自暴自棄,要有決心與勇氣肩負起時代的使命,積極加強奮鬥的精神,救自己、救世人,報效 上帝。

The Men’s Third Chinese Original Quiet Sitting Xianxiu Class and the Women’s Sixth Chinese Original Quiet Sitting Class, March 29, 1986