188. The Temporal Missions of the Lord of Universe Church


1 The Lord of Universe Church is a holocaust-rescuing religion that meets the needs of the time. This is especially true when the world is on the brink of destruction. The confrontation between the two superpowers, the United States of America and the Soviet Union, has come to the last moment of a duel. The entire human race is about to face its doomsday.

1 天帝教是一個適應時代環境需要的救劫宗教。尤其是當今世界人類命運正面臨毀滅的邊緣,美蘇兩大超強國家的對抗已到了最後決戰的階段,整個人類生靈瀕臨同歸於盡的時刻。

2 The Lord of Universe Church was mandated by God to return to the Earth and be revived on this precious island [Taiwan]. Hence, the Lord of Universe Church is a religion that meets the needs of the time.

2 天帝教適時奉 上帝特准重來本地球,在寶島復興,所以天帝教是適應時代環境需要的宗教。

3 As every religion comes with its unique needs for the time, religion cannot disconnect itself from the trends of time. In 1980, the Lord of Universe Church was revived, and it shoulders significant missions for this age.

3 因為每一個時代都有那個時代所需要的宗教,宗教與時代潮流是不能脫節的。從一九八0年代,天帝教復興起,即負起了這個時代的重大使命。

4 The first temporal mission is to plead with God to avert and dispel world nuclear holocausts. This is because there is no individual or country that has the ability to suppress the ambition of the Soviet Union to conquer the world. The United States, as the antagonistic country that is representing the free countries, has to fight back.

4 第一個時代使命,就是哀求 上帝化延世界核戰毀滅浩劫。因為世界沒有任何個人或國家,有能力阻止蘇俄不發動征服世界的野心;而代表民主國家的美國,只能與之對抗。

5 The solution of opposition ends in wars and wars lead to peril. Therefore, besides begging God to intervene, there is no other better way to save the destinies of the human race.

5 對抗的結果就是決戰,決戰的結果就是同歸於盡。所以我們除了哀求 上帝之外,沒有其他更好的方法,可以挽救人類生存的命運。

6 The second temporal mission is to secure Taiwan as the Base of Revival, and to realize the unification of China under the guidelines of the Three Principles of the People, which is what heaven and men desire.

6 第二個時代使命,就是確保台灣復興基地,早日實現三民主義統一中國,以遂天意人願。

7 The fate of Taiwan is interrelated to the fate of the world. Where there is Taiwan, China has future; where is China, people of the world have hope.

7 台灣的命運與世界命運息息相關。有台灣,中國才有前途;中國有前途,世界人類才有希望。

8 Thus, all strivers of the Lord of Universe Church shoulder the two temporal missions. In other words, all strivers of the Church have to plead, pray, and strive actively for the completion of the two major missions.

8 所以,凡是天帝教的同奮,都負起了兩個時代使命。換言之,所有天帝教同奮,都要為達成這兩個主要使命,積極哀求、祈禱、奮鬥。

The Men’s Third Chinese Original Quiet Sitting Xianxiu Class and the Women’s Sixth Chinese Original Quiet Sitting Class, March 29, 1986