192. Supporting the Three Missions of the Yuling Shrine


1 The third heavenly mandate began from 1977. It is for us to strive for the “revival of the Lord of Universe Church, to avert and dispel nuclear holocausts, to save all the living beings of this world, and to realize the unification of China under the Three Principles the People.”

1 第三個天命是從六十六年開始,為「復興先天天帝教,化延世界核戰毀滅浩劫,拯救天下蒼生,暨實現以三民主義統一中國」而奮鬥。

2 The third heavenly mandate is the last one for my life. Part of it is to avert and dispel world nuclear wars; part of it is about the three missions of the Tianji Traveling Palace. Both parts are interrelated. Please bear in mind these three missions. They are:

2 這第三個天命,也就是本人畢生最後一個天命。一半是化延世界核子戰爭,一半就是天極行宮的三大任務,兩方面都有連帶關係。要請同奮緊記這三大任務為:

3 (1) to join the nonphysical force to solidify Taiwan as the Base of Revival,

3 (一)結合無形有形力量,鞏固台灣寶島復興基地。

4 (2) to spur Mainlanders in their commitment to set off an anti-Communist revolution,

4 (二)策動大陸人心歸向,導發反共革命。

5 (3) to force Chinese Communists to denounce Communism and accept the Three Principles of the People for the unification of China.

5 (三)迫使中共褫魂奪魄,放棄共產主義,接受以三民主義統一中國。

6 The future of Taiwan is in Mainland China. I hope the Three Principles of the People will unite the entire China soon so I want everyone to pray to God and to chant the Orisons day and night. Meanwhile, everyone needs to reflect and repent every day to check if they have done anything against their conscience. If there are mistakes, you must acknowledge them and correct them.

6 台灣前途在大陸。希望早一天三民主義統一中國,所以要大家早早晚晚哀求上帝,誦唸兩誥。一方面反省懺悔,檢討今天所做有無違反良心,接著要認錯改過才行。

7 Even though times have changed in the past fifty years, and everything else changed with it, I believe my Dao mindset remains the same. The heavenly mandate has not changed, so we must remain steadfast in dealing with any changes.

7 儘管五十年來時代在變,一切在變。但我相信道心不變,天命沒有變,要以不變應萬變。

8 I have believed in God for fifty years, and my faith has grown firmer each day. Everyone has to strengthen his faith and strive for fulfilling the three heavenly mandates.

8 我五十年信仰 上帝,一天比一天堅定。大家要加強信心,共同為貫徹這三大天命而奮鬥!

9 I hope everyone would take part in the mission of rescuing the world from holocausts. God has given us this rare opportunity so we must chant the Grand Orison and cultivate righteous qi continuously to support the presiding and deputy presiding spirits of Yuling Shrine spiritually, so they may do their work.

9 希望大家負起救劫使命。 上帝賜給我們這一個千載難逢的機會,大家要不斷誦唸皇誥,培養正氣,精神支援玉靈殿正、副殿主,在無形中運用我們的精神支援力量,發展祂們的工作。

10 All of you are going to witness the completion of the third heavenly mandate.

10 等到將來第三個天命完成,各位都是見證人。

The Fiftieth Anniversary of Professing the Dao to Save the World Assembly, August 9, 1987