200. The Union between Heavenly Dao and Human Dao

二00、天道人道 合德合一

1 Our beliefs are in the pursuit of truth and in advocating religion, with the hope that in the mix of materialistic life and spiritual life, people can get away from things such as: indulging in sensual pleasures, in playful things, in riots and in terror, which are associated with the End Time. We seek the merger of wisdom with super intelligent beings from multi-dimensions in the highest level of the metaphysical realm to reach the anthro-celestial union between heavenly Dao and human Dao.

1 我們的信念,在於追求真理,宣揚宗教,期求人類在物質生活上,脫出縱慾、玩物、暴亂與恐怖的末日,使人類在精神上,以人類的智慧,在最高的形而上的領域中,與多度空間的超人類智慧合一,而達成天道、人道合德的天人合一。

2 Our pursuit can be divided into two basic areas. On the passive side, it serves as the foundation of scientific exploration from the standpoint of religious philosophy and theology. For instance, what are the grounds for “paying reverence to God,” “believing in God,” and “offering sacrifices to the ancestors?” What can these actions accomplish? We can move one step further, to dispel superstitions, to establish proper beliefs, and to study the lives of the universe from an academic point of view.

2 我們的追求,在基本上可分為兩方面:在消極方面,為宗教哲學與神學探尋科學的依據。例如「敬 上帝」、「信神」、「祭祖先」,是根據什麼?能達成些什麼?從而破除迷信,建立正信,從學術角度窮究宇宙的生命。

3 On the positive side, we will provide spiritual direction for scientific experiments with the hope that science will not be misused or abused, and that it will promote happiness for human life.

3 在積極方面,我們要為科學實證提供精神層面的方向,以期科學不被誤用和濫用,從而增進人類的幸福生活。

The Tenth Anniversary of the R.O.C. Religious Philosophy Association, April 24, 1988