189. Striving Peacefully


1 Even though there are lots of challenges in the world, man’s determination can overcome what was planned for him. I firmly believe that the fate of the human race is totally in the hands of God. As to how God would evaluate and arrange things, it all depends on how humans change their hearts.

1 世變方殷,人定勝天。本人堅信人類的命運完全操諸于 上帝。上帝如何衡量安排,全視人心之轉移。

2 Looking at the prospects of our future at this time, we cannot tell where the future of the human race is heading. To survive on this Earth, we have to begin by saving ourselves; we need to rebuild our spirits, reform morality, and at the same time, pray to God for forgiveness.

2 瞻望前途,在此期間,人類的前途命運尚在未定之數。吾人如要在地球上生存下去,惟有急起從根自救。一方面應邁向精神的重建,道德的重整,一方面則祈求 上帝寬恕既往。

3 We are very grateful that the “innate” Lord of Universe Church can be revived on Earth. The innate Lord of Universe Church is the true Dao of God, which has been passed down through eons of time.

3 感謝這未有地球之前,歷劫流傳下來的先天天帝教-上帝真道,能重來地上。

4 I hope that everyone will follow the will of God, will stay positive, and be optimistic to strive toward heaven, strive toward nature and strive within oneself.

4 盼望人人能奉行 上帝意旨,積極樂觀向天奮鬥、向自然奮鬥、向自己奮鬥。

5 [I hope that people can] get rid of the plight of competition for survival, expand their thoughts about survival and development and eliminate the aggressive mentality of killing each other. Instead, everyone should work hard at their own posts and become fighters for the truth, follow the steps of “striving peacefully to save their country, save their race, save the world, and save humanity” to materialize world peace and unity.

5 擺脫生存競爭的困境,擴大人類生存發展思想領域,袪除自相殘殺侵略戰爭心理,各就其自身之崗位努力,均為真理的戰士,以「和平奮鬥救國家、救民族、救世界、救人類」為步驟,以促進世界和平大同的實現。

Lecture at a Fellowship Meeting, January 2, 1987