207. The Value of Life; the Meaning of Living

二0七、生命價值 人生意義

1 When spirit unites with flesh, it is the beginning of life. Life has a very short time span.

1 靈魂結合肉體才有生命的開始。生命的時間如此短促。

2 If life is only about oneself, after death it rots with grass and trees, what is, then, the value and meaning of life? God has given us life in human form to live our lives by following the laws of nature and for the wellbeing of others.

2 如果生活只是為自己打算,死後與草木同朽,這種生命有什麼價值與意義? 上帝要我們生而為人,即要我們為大多數人謀福利,並遵循自然的法則生活與修行。

3 Everyone came with this mandate. The trouble is, once they came to the human world they forgot all about their mandates; therefore, they distanced themselves from God further and further.

3 人人都帶了此一使命而來,只是一旦來到人間,卻都忘了,於是距離 上帝愈來愈遠。

4 Once strivers have been initiated into the Lord of Universe Church and returned to God’s big family, they should understand their innate mandate that came with them, that life is short, and that a human body is a rare gift.

4 天帝教的同奮皈宗以後,回到 上帝的大家庭,應該明白自己先天帶來的使命,了解生命短促,人身難得。

5 We should follow the spirit of “not looking for what one can gain, not seeking one’s own blessings,” do the five cardinal disciplines daily, cultivate righteous qi, and fight for the majority of the people. Only by doing so life can have a meaning and a sense of value.

5 應該發揮「不為自己打算,不求個人福報」的精神,每天做五門基本功課,培養正氣,為大多數人而奮鬥,如此生命才有價值,人生才有意義。

The Anthro-Celestial Research College, July 30, 1991