193. Religion Cannot Be Separated from the Times


1 The Lord of Universe Church is an organized church. It is not only an international church but also a cosmic church. God is the head of the Church, and is the only ruler of the universe. His teachings began at the time the universe was created. Where there are planets with intelligent living beings, God’s teaching is present. The revival of the Lord of Universe Church on Earth was mandated in Taiwan in December 1980.

1 天帝教是一個有組織的宗教。天帝教不但是世界性的,而且是宇宙性的宗教。教主是宇宙唯一的主宰 上帝。 上帝在創造宇宙的同時就建立了祂的教化。凡是有智慧生物存在的星球,即有 上帝的教化。天帝教在本地球上是在一九八0年十二月奉准在台灣寶島復興。

2 Every era needs religion for its own time. Religion cannot be separated from the times. Prophets of each religion, born in different areas, to different races, received mandates from God in meeting the needs of the time and to educate people with God’s teachings.

2 每一個時代需要有每一個時代的宗教。宗教不能和時代脫節。各宗教創教的先知先覺者都是先後奉了宇宙主宰 上帝之命,下凡生在不同的地區、不同的民族,針對當時環境的需要,創立不同的宗教,行道教化。

3 The Lord of Universe Church was granted special permission to come to the Earth at a most dangerous time. In 1979, the Soviet Union suddenly invaded Afghanistan and was going to invade Iran next. The United States of America was ready to use nuclear weapons to defend such invasion, which meant a nuclear war was on the brink of breaking out. At that time, the Religious Philosophy Association was in the middle of offering Chinese Original Quiet Sitting Classes.

3 天帝教是在世界最危險的時間,奉到 上帝特准重來本地球。一九七九年蘇俄突然出兵侵佔阿富汗,進一步要進攻伊朗。美國不惜使用核子武器來保衛,也就是要打核子戰爭。當時,中華民國宗教哲學研究社正在開辦中國正宗靜坐班。

4 Twenty-some members of the first and second classes pleaded with God by chanting the Grand Orison every day and night to avert and dispel nuclear war and to save all the living beings of this world. In less than two months their sincere effort had moved the heavenly mind and got God’s response, which made the Soviet Union reconsider and decided not to invade Iran, and as a result the crisis of the Persian Gulf was averted. This explains why the Lord of Universe Church was revived [on Earth], as it came to meet the needs of the special situation of this age.

4 第一期、第二期兩期學員二十多人,早早晚晚哀求 上帝,為化延核子戰爭,拯救天下蒼生,開始誦唸皇誥。不到兩個月,精誠感格天心,得到 上帝的反應。蘇俄不敢輕舉妄動進一步侵犯伊朗,於是波斯灣空前危機化減掉了。所以天帝教是為應化這一個時代的特殊環境要求而來。

5 I had personally been pleading with God. It was not until December 21, 1980 that I received God’s special permission to revive the Lord of Universe Church on Earth, to be based in the precious island of Taiwan, the Republic of China. Taiwan is the birthplace and holy land of the Lord of Universe Church.

5 我個人哀求 上帝,直到一九八0年十二月廿一日才奉到 上帝特准,讓天帝教重來人間,並在中華民國臺灣寶島復興。臺灣寶島是天帝教的發祥地、聖地。

Dedication Ceremony of the Yuxiao Shrine, September 12, 1987