208. Eradicating Man-Made Calamities from People’s Hearts

二0八、劫由人造 必須由心化

1 Calamities are horrifying. Living in the hustle and bustle of the red dust, we are tumbled about by “things” and by people. We are unaware that this is all controlled by fate and by this energy operating system. Everybody acts like puppets, living a busy life, day by day, as if in a trance.

1 劫運是可怕的。人在滾滾紅塵中,在人事紛紛擾擾中,都是受無形中這個氣機、劫運的控制。大家都在做傀儡,為了生活奔忙,渾渾噩噩,一天一天的過去。

2 Many people lost their lives under the direct impact of calamities, while others were busy running around. Some are shouldering the missions of preventing or postponing calamities, while others are actually still creating more calamities to produce the miasma of violence and grief.

2 有的人直接受到劫運變成犧牲品,有的人在劫運中奔波,有的人在劫運中負起使命來化解,有的人居然在劫運中還在造孽、造劫,製造天地間的冤氣、戾氣。

3 These calamities originate from within people’s hearts. They must be eradicated from people’s hearts.

3 這劫就是心裡面造出來的啊!劫由人造必須由心化。

The Anthro-Celestial Research College, October 9, 1991