205. Preventing a Holocaust from Happening


1 For the last forty years, Taiwan has been pushing for modernized construction under crises, skepticism, and challenging conditions on the Islands of Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen, and Matsu, and has won respect from the international community. The government has endeavored to restore its race with every thought, and has built a country that has its own ideology, culture, economic power, wealth, and national defense, with dignity worthy of international respect.

1 最近四十餘年來,在台澎金馬群島的危疑困頓中,台灣推行現代化建設,贏得國際尊敬。政府心心念念,求民族之復興,而且國家有主義、有文化、有經濟、有財富、有國防、有受人尊重的國際人格尊嚴。

2 Although the miraculous achievements in economy and in politics may not be perfect, it has, however, been exemplary and served as a successful model for many developing countries, a model that the people of the world were proud to see and hear of.

2 所創之經濟奇蹟與政治奇蹟,或有美中不足的缺憾,終究已為眾多開發中國家提供成功模式和經驗,當為世人所樂見樂聞。

3 The spirits of “loving self and loving others, helping self and helping others” are not empty words. Taiwan has developed a very good system that led to many achievements.

3 其自愛愛人、自助助人之精神,絕非空言。台灣已有良好的制度與成就。

4 We believe the twenty million people in Taiwan would fight against either a peaceful merger or a military invasion from the Communist China. Its people would not be willing to allow their country to become a special district under the policy of “One Country, Two Systems” determined by the People’s Republic of China.

4 相信島上二千萬同胞絕對會反抗中共對台灣的和平兼併或武力侵犯,尤不願屈從為中華人民共和國「一國兩制」下之特區。

5 If [the Communist] China chooses to use its military might to take over Taiwan, every person on the Island would stand up to fight with their lives without any reservation. Even those people who advocate “Taiwan Independence” would join hands to defend their own land and be willing to die with Taiwan. This will ultimately cause both sides to lose and suffer.

5 如果中共對台真要用武,全島人民必然寧為玉碎。縱然主張「台灣獨立」的同胞,也會合力迎戰自衛鄉土,與海島共存亡,最後勢必兩敗俱傷。

6 As this is no different from any other sibling rivalry, it will surely lead to a racial holocaust, to a major disaster and a big tragedy, and China will not be able to gain acceptance by the international community.

6 由於手足自相殘殺,勢必造成整個中華民族一場大劫數、大災難、大悲劇,中國將無法立足於國際社會。

A Letter to Mr. Deng Xiaoping, January 15, 1991