278. Making the Universe One’s Home; Carrying out the Three Strivings

二七八、以宇宙為家 實踐三奮

1 Make the universe your home and carry out the three strivings:
(1) Striving toward heaven,
(2) Strive toward nature,
(3) Striving within oneself.

1 人類應以宇宙為家,實踐三奮鬥:(一)向天奮鬥。

2 The word “striving” includes virtues and characteristics, such as: sincere thoughts with a righteous heart, benevolence, selflessness, forbearance, trustworthiness, incorruptibility, and insight. We were not born with these virtues, and they cannot be acquired instantly. Developing them requires continuous cultivation, bit by bit, over time with a humble and encompassing mindset.

2 這「奮鬥」二字,實際包括了誠意正心、仁愛無私、忍、信、廉、明等德行操守。這些操守並非天生具有,亦非一蹴可幾,乃是要藉著不斷的修持,以謙卑、包容的心胸,點點滴滴的獲致。

3 People come from the void and return to it ultimately. Whether their life’s journey is meaningful or not depends on their ability to strive continuously.

3 人從虛無中來,日後仍要回到虛無中去。一趟人世之旅有無意義,就看能否奮鬥不懈。

4 The goals and means of striving can be, for instance, correcting and keeping oneself upright in order to transform others, saving the world from holocausts, helping others, seeking a state of union between heaven and humanity, and promoting harmony and mutual assistance between humans and all other beings in nature.

4 正己化人,救劫度人,追求天人合一的境界,促進人類與萬物彼此間的互助和諧,都是奮鬥的目標與手段。

5 “As heaven’s movement is ever so vigorous, so must a person continue to strive along.” This is the law of nature. It is the true Dao of the universe that God has revealed to us.

5 「天行健,君子以自強不息」,這是自然法則,是 上帝啟示我們的宇宙真道。

T’ienti Teachings, Vol. 17