264. Teaching without Discrimination


1 I set one principle before we offered any Chinese Original Quiet Sitting Classes in the Lord of Universe Church: no classification, no caste system, and teaching without discrimination.

1 天帝教在開始辦正宗靜坐班以前,我就決定一個原則:沒有階級觀念,主張有教無類。

2 This is particularly true in quiet sitting. Quiet sitting has to do with one’s innate origin. If there are restrictions, teaching will be based of inequality and we will be violating the basic principle of the great Dao of the universe.

2 尤其是靜坐,要憑個人的先天來根。如果受了限制,僅憑後天世俗上的不平等觀念,那就根本違反了宇宙大道的基本原則。

3 Hence, I advocate teaching without discrimination. As to how much and how well a person masters the teachings in the Chinese Original Quiet Sitting Class, it depends on his own intelligence, fortune, and innate affinity of cultivating the Dao.

3 所以我是主張有教無類,憑個人的智慧、造化、緣法,看看大家能接受多少,領會多少。

The Anthro-Celestial Research College, March 6, 1992