261. Standing Proudly between Heaven and Earth; Being True to One’s Responsibilities

二六一、頂天立地 盡忠職守

1 It is not an easy thing to cultivate a talent. Strivers should not expect themselves to be ordinary persons. You should wish to stand proudly between heaven and earth. You should do something significant in the history of the Lord of Universe Church that is worth remembering by others, such as preaching the great Dao of the universe, saving all the living beings of this world or helping to build the foundation of the Church on Earth.

1 要培養一個人才,不容易啊!同奮不要做一個普普通通的平凡人,總希望頂天立地,為天帝教傳布宇宙真道,拯救天下蒼生,為天帝教在人間奠教基,在天帝教的教史上能夠做一番真正值得大家紀念的事。

2 Everyone should vow to “save the world from the End Time of the Third Epoch, and commit oneself to end with the destiny of the Extended Phase of Abundance.” As long as I shall live, for the rest of my life, I will strive for the Church and remain committed to my responsibilities for God’s sake.

2 自己應該要下一個願力-「我要搶救三期末劫,我要同延康末劫共始終」。在我有生之年,我要為教奮鬥,為 上帝盡忠職守!

The Anthro-Celestial Research College, November 6, 1991