235. Missionary Work Focuses on Teaching by Example


1 The most important thing with missionary work is to teach by example, and not just to rely on the publicity through language and words. This is to set one’s character and knowledge as an example for other people: living the teachings of the Twenty Watchwords as their “Code of Life,” and remaining upright persons without compromising your conscience. Let me identify a couple of pointers for handling church affairs:

1 傳教不但靠語言文字的宣傳,更重要的是身教。也就是使自己的品德學養,都能做為他人的表率。切實奉行廿字真言人生守則,凡事無愧我心,正大光明。在此指出教務重點工作:

2 (1) Publicity: When speaking with non- Church members, we do not talk about psychic abilities or paranormal phenomena. Rather, the focal point is on saving the world and people’s hearts by correcting and keeping ourselves upright in order to transform others. Hence, we need to set good examples for others so that people will look at our church in a different light.

2 (一)宣傳:對外不談神通靈異,而以挽救世道人心、正己化人為出發點。因此,須以自身做榜樣,使社會人士對本教另眼相看。

3 (2) Organizational training: How can we help the newly initiated strivers feel bonded with the Church, help them get to know the Church, and become sincere and loyal strivers?

3 (二)組訓:怎麼使初皈同奮進入天帝教大門後增加向心力,對天帝教逐漸瞭解,而成為一個真誠而忠實的同奮。

4 The reason why we do not talk about psychic abilities or paranormal phenomena is to break away from the mindset of superstition. We talk about humanity and about how we should conduct ourselves decently. The Twenty Watchwords, our “Code of Life,” can not only save our hearts from falling, but can also save lives. Isn’t this the greatest supernatural power that anyone can possess?

4 不講神通、靈異,是要破除迷信。要講人道,如何做人,也就是行人道。人生守則-廿字真言,不但可以救心,也可以救病,甚而救命。這豈非是人人具有的絕大神通?

Preaching Affairs Workshop, July 29, 1984