272. Religious Unity, World Unity and Anthro-Celestial Unity


1 The Lord of Universe Church is eternal. It is to pass down God’s teachings from generation to generation.

1 天帝教是永久的。天帝教是要把 上帝的教化一代一代地傳下去。

2 There are Six Phases of the End Time of the Third Epoch: “Onset, Purification, Leveling, Spring, Abundance, and Unity.” The duration of each phase depends on how the atmosphere of nature is going to change.

2 三期末劫「行、清、平、春、康、同」這六個階段,每一個階段多少時間,要看大自然的氣運怎麼變化。

3 At the last Celestial Inspection Days (in 1992), God had announced that we were in the Phase of Leveling. Even though we are in the Leveling Phase, the actions taken in the Phases of Onset and Purification are still ongoing. We are still a long way from world peace!

3 去年(民國八十一年)巡天節 上帝的詔命指示,現在到平劫了。儘管走到平劫,一面還要行劫,還有清劫也在進行中,距離世界和平還早得很呢!

4 “Unity” refers to religious unity, world unity, and anthro-celestial unity. These are the so-called three unities. To get to the final unity, the unity between humanity and the divine, there is a long path ahead of us. This is our responsibility.

4 「大同」是宗教大同、世界大同、天人大同-三同。到最後一個大同-天人大同,我們還有漫長的道路要走。這是我們的責任。

A Spiritual Talk, July 27, 1993