269. Saving Self and Others; Helping Self and Others

二六九、自救救人 自度度人

1 We have been offering Chinese Original Quiet Sitting Classes since July 1979. The purpose has been to turn persons of affinity into disciples of the Lord of Universe Church.

1 民國六十八年七月開始舉辦正宗靜坐班,就是要引度原人皈依帝門。

2 Persons of affinity have come down to Earth. While living in the red dust [world], they are blinded by the seven emotions and six desires, or from drinking, sex, insatiable thirst for wealth and anger. They have totally forgotten the purpose of their coming to this Earth. They need someone to receive them, reconnect them, and awaken them.

2 原人已經下凡了,在紅塵裡面,被七情六慾、酒色財氣蒙蔽了,忘了他們當年下凡的目的,要有人去接引他們、點化他們。

3 The divine beings, saints, and perfected beings in heaven will awaken the spirits of those persons of affinity on the metaphysical side, whereas on the human side, our strivers should have the foresight to receive and reconnect them. The nonphysical side has already compelled them by spiritual means to awaken their spirits. Their spirits have come to understand, and many of them no longer wish to linger in the red dust.

3 在先天上,有仙佛聖真點化他們的靈;在後天上,要有我們同奮先知先覺地去接引他們。無形已經用了媒壓方法,點了他們的靈。他們的靈已經先瞭解了,使這許多原人凡體不願在紅塵裡面迷戀了。

4 As the End Time of the Third Epoch has already begun, let us hurry back to the real home of the Lord of Universe Church. As soon as we receive and reconnect them, they enter the door and become members of the Lord of Universe Church.

4 三期末劫已經開始了,趕快回到天帝教這個老家來吧!當我們一接引,他們就進了天帝教大門。

5 Once you have entered the Church, you also want to help those who have not entered yet. Save yourself, and save others. Help yourself and help others as well. When you are saved, you are back in God’s home. You also want to help those that have not yet come in.

5 你自己進來了,也要希望度那些沒有進來的人。自救救人,自度度人。自己得度了,進來了,回到 上帝的老家,也要去度沒有進來的人。

6 What we meant when we said “save yourself and save others, help yourself and help others” was to tell our fellow strivers that it is their mission to do so.

6 自救救人、自度度人,是對天帝教同奮講的。你們的任務就是自己得救、自己得度,然後就要去救人,就要去度人。

The Anthro-Celestial Research College, the Anthro-Celestial Cultivation College, November 25, 1992