234. The Effects of Chanting the Orisons


1 How can one make sure that the effects from chanting the Grand Orison and the Precious Orisons are not being discounted?

1 應如何唸皇誥、寶誥,使其效力不被打折扣?

2 (1) Follow the worship ritual protocols.

2 (一)按照規定的儀式方法禮拜。

3 (2) Before entering the luminorium, let go of the worldly mind and vulgar thoughts. Keep your thoughts sincere and proper, and you will have no distracting thoughts.

3 (二)進入光殿前,要將俗念放下,使心意誠正,自無雜念。

4 (3) If distracting and delusive thoughts surged while chanting the Orisons, do not follow these thoughts. Control yourselves immediately and stop thinking of them. Let these thoughts come and go through their natural course and come back to the proper thoughts.

4 (三)誦唸中途如突生雜念妄想,不可追想,必須立刻自我控制以止念,讓其隨來隨逝,回向正念。

The Founding Hall, June 6, 1984