232. Unwavering Faith


1 Speaking frankly, my wife and I are considered to be in good health for our age, which is a real blessing. As for me, I have totally forgotten my age. Even though I have been suffering from financial burdens in the past six to seven years, which has caused a great deal of mental pain, I can physically still brace myself and stay positive. This is because I have faith, a goal, and a wish.

1 平心而論,以年齡來說,我們兩老的身體健康,託天之福,總算都很好,尤其是我不計春秋,早把年齡忘卻。這六、七年來儘管受盡金錢折磨,精神苦痛不堪;但是身體還能支撐得住,我依然樂觀奮鬥。因為我有信仰,我有目的和願望。

2 As long as I still have one breath left, I firmly believe that God is with me, my goal will be accomplished, and one day my wish will be fulfilled. My goal is to enrich and publicize my work, A New Realm: A New System of Religious Philosophy, and to found the Anthro-Celestial Research Foundation.

2 只要一息尚存,深信必獲 上帝保佑,終有一天能達到目的,完成願望。我的目的是充實並宣揚《新境界:新宗教哲學思想體系》一書,我的願望是成立天人研究基金會。

3 Everyone thinks that it would be impossible for me to realize my dream as I have been debt-ridden. However, you all have ignored one point, and that is the “help from God.” What we call “God’s help” is really “self-help.” For those who are determined, where there is a will, there is a way. With my tenacity and my persistent praying day and night, I deeply believe that I will move heaven and earth to assist me in fulfilling my dreams.

3 大家認為以我目前債台高築的財務情況來看,那是沒有實現的可能!但是,你們都忽略了一點,就是「天助」。所謂「天助」,就是「自助」。有志者事竟成。以我一生做事鍥而不捨的精神,以及早晚長期祈禱,深信終有一天會感動天地,達成我的願望。

4 Besides, I act selflessly, pray day and night, and have never asked for any personal gain in this life. What I have been praying for is to lessen the holocausts people are up against, lessen the disasters the Mainland compatriots are facing, and guarantee the prosperity and safety of the Republic of China, the Revival Base of Chinese culture.

4 何況我自問大公無私,早晚祈禱,從來沒有為自己求過現世福報。我所求者,是減輕地球人類劫運,減輕中國大陸苦難同胞的災劫,確保中華民族復興基地台灣的安定繁榮。

5 I think that a person who is selfless and does not ask for personal gain should be able to live as an upright man in this world with pride and dignity.

5 我想,一個沒有私心、不為自己一家打算的人,應該理直氣壯,可以堂堂正正立身於天地之間。

6 No doubt, you and your brothers are skeptical about me, thinking that your father, who has been praying so religiously over the years has not yet gotten any response from heaven, and that he is still living in debt and depends on loans to live. Even though none of you has said a word, I understand what you have been thinking.

6 你們兄弟不免存有疑慮,以父親我這麼多年長期祈禱的精誠,為什麼到今天上天還沒有感應,依然窮困,仍在以債養債,告貸度日?儘管你們都說不出口,但是我明白。

7 In short, first of all, the time has not come. Secondly, as heaven is to assign me some major tasks, my mind and body have to be trained and prepared in various aspects so that I would have rich life experiences. The time is now, and I shall do all that I can to meet the expectations of heaven.

7 一言以蔽之,第一是時機未到;第二是天將降大任於斯人也,必先多方磨練我的身心,使我得到許多人生經驗。現在時機已到,我應努力以赴,盡人合天。

Family letters to the second son, Weigong, October 29, 1975