245. Conditions Required of a Religion


1 The Lord of Universe Church is an organized, holocaust-rescuing religion. An organized modern religion must meet the following criteria:

1 天帝教是一個有組織的救劫宗教。一個有組織的現代化宗教,必須具備幾個條件:

2 (1) Philosophy system, namely, the theoretical foundation or what we call church doctrine, (2) Action Guidelines or Church Charter, including the organizations in the human world and in heaven, (3) Temporal missions, (4) Methods of cultivation, (5) Ways to save people.

2 (一)思想體系,亦即理論根據,或者稱之為教義。(二)行動綱領或為建教憲章,包括天上、人間的組織。(三)時代使命。(四)修持法門。(五)救人的方法。

3 Only when one religion meets these criteria can it be considered modern and a religion of its time.

3 如此才可以算得上是一個適應時代環境需要的現代宗教。

The Gaoxiong City Principal Hall, June 24, 1989