252. Using Intelligence to Discover the Truths of the Universe


1 “Heaven” represents the great cosmos. “Human” does not refer to human beings on this Earth only. There are other planets like this Earth in every spiral harmony system and every solar system. Their inhabitants are also called humans.

1 「天」可以說是代表大宇宙。不僅是地球上有人類,其他的星球上,每一個旋和系、太陽系裡面也都有地球,都有地球人,也都稱為人。

2 All the intelligent beings of those planets have to use their intelligence to solve the cosmic mysteries layer by layer, if they want to explore the universe or unveil its mysteries. The “Anthro-Celestial Study” aims to solve and disclose how the universe was formed and how it continues to form.

2 凡是有智慧生物的星球上,要想探討宇宙的究竟,揭開宇宙的秘密,都要運用人類的智慧,一層一層地去打開宇宙的謎底。「天人之學」就是要解決、要揭發宇宙形成的原因。

3 Humans living under this three- dimensional space must use spiritual sense when studying the unlimited truths of the universe and the final truth of the universe in order to understand multidimensional space. This is to say that to have any possible breakthrough, it is imperative to combine physical research with metaphysical work.

3 要研究無窮無盡的宇宙真理,要想了解多度空間以上的許多問題,在三度空間下的人類,只有運用靈覺。就是要能將形而上同形而下交相組合,才有突破的可能。

The Anthro-Celestial Research College, October 1, 1991