262. Female Strivers Should Also Make Big Vows


1 When a female striver comes to the age of menopause, her menstrual cycle stops naturally. To wish to terminate menstruation before menopause, she has to make big vows. It is the only way.

1 坤道到了更年期,自自然然天癸就斷了。在更年期以前能夠先斷,就要靠發大願。發大願才有希望能夠提前斷。

2 The main thing is to be able to return to the source, to be one with heaven. Regardless of gender, both male and female strivers need to make big vows and understand that their bodies no longer belong to them, but that they now belong to the Lord of Universe Church.

2 最主要是要返本還原、天人合一。不管男女同奮都要發大願,讓這個身體不屬於自己,屬於天帝教了。

3 Make big vows to save the world, to save people, and do not look for personal gain. Those who look for personal gain do not stand a chance to succeed.

3 要發救世大願,救世救人,不為個人打算。為個人打算成就的希望不大。

4 “Now we no longer seek personal success” means that we have dedicated our bodies to the Lord of Universe Church. We vow for the Church!

4 現在我們不求個人成功,就是把這個身體屬於天帝教,為教發願!

5 It is not just being female pastors in the Church, but you should also set yourself as an example for others to learn from you. I hope there will be many talented female strivers in the Church.

5 不只是在教院當坤道開導師,要影響大多數的人,應該拿自己做榜樣,使得大多數人都效法你。我希望天帝教坤道同奮中出現許多人才。

The Anthro-Celestial Research College, January 22, 1992