231. The Significance of Red Heart


1 Day by day, people are busy with meeting the five basic needs of life: clothing, food, housing, transportation, and sex. Who can be desire-free? How can one be satisfied with greed? As such, negative qi (yin etropons) becomes excessively abundant while the number of positive qi (yang etropons) decreases. When the heart of Dao cannot be in control, people’s lives become disorderly. As they stray, perverse acts and behaviors are observed.

1 人生在世,終朝為生活奔忙,衣、食、住、行、性五大需要所累,貪得無厭,孰能無慾?陰氣(陰電)過盛,正氣(陽電)消沉。道心因不能控制,人生遂失正常,有倒行逆施之盲動的現象發生。

2 If one can have an upright mind, he can moderate his desires, without always requiring big meal, or without demanding extremely comfortable housing, he can live a simple life that shows his true goal in life and knows when “enough is enough.” He can, then, focus his attention on the wellbeing of his fellow human beings, assist them in helping one another, and help them satisfy their “proper” desires. He is pure- minded in doing what he can for the continuation of human life.

2 苟能誠正其心,節制其慾,食無求飽,居無求華,淡泊明志,適可而止,精神集中,當能為人群謀福利,增進全體互助生活,滿足物質適當慾望;意志真一,求生命之延續。

3 Beginning with doing physical work and moving on to metaphysical work, he can utilize material means to help him return back to nature. When the human mind and the Dao mindset reach harmony naturally, the body and mind can settle down, his spirit and materials needs come to a balance, which is to say that when the yin and yang etropons come to a proper energy threshold, there is harmony. The heart of saints and sages is merely following the “unbiased approach.”

3 由有形而至無形,運用物質而返自然,人心道心自得平衡,身心即得安定,精神物質融洽合流,陰陽兩電達到適切配合熱準,即得親和執中。聖賢之心,便是「厥中」。

4 The mind that seeks the union of heaven and humanity, the mind that reaches harmony of men and the Dao heart, and the mind that allows interflow between the yang etropons and yin etropons is what we called the “red heart.” It is also the innate heart. Based on the aforementioned, the red heart signifies the mutual progress of spiritual and material growth.

4 這種天理人欲之合一的心,人心與道心之中和的心,陰陽兩電之交流的心,心物之協調的心,吾人統名之曰「紅心」,亦曰赤心。基於上述,紅心之意義,重在精神建設、物質建設之並重齊進。

Red Heart Monthly, August 1, 1946