258. Becoming the Pioneers of the Universe and Building the Foundation of the Church on Earth


1 I have one vow, which is to build the foundation of the Church on Earth. We have to build a foundation on Earth. Only when the foundation of the Lord of Universe Church is built well can we usher in peace for future generations.

1 我有一個願力-在人間奠教基。要在這一個地球上奠教基,把天帝教的基礎奠定好,才能為萬世開太平。

2 My second vow is to be the pioneer of the universe. If any planet in the universe that has intelligent beings needs God’s teachings, namely, the Lord of Universe Church, I am willing to be the first pioneer to initiate the task.

2 第二個願力,就是為宇宙作先鋒。宇宙間任何一個有智慧生物的星球上都需要 上帝的教化-天帝教,我首先願意作先鋒去開創。

3 Who would like to go with me? When you have finished your responsibilities on Earth and when your calling is fulfilled, you must go back to the Nonphysical Main Palace of the Lord of Universe Church. I will be there in the future. When your dharma affinity has come to fruition, you will also be heading there.

3 你們誰願意跟我一起去?在人間幾十年把人間的責任了了,使命了了,要回去啊!要回到天帝教總殿。將來我要到那裡。等你們法緣成熟了,你們也會到那裡去。

The Anthro-Celestial Research College, October 31, 1991