274. Requisites for Cosmic Qi Healing


1 The prerequisites for doing Cosmic Qi Healing are for the healer, first, to be physically healthy with no mental problems, and have an orderly lifestyle. Secondly, the healer must be merciful, sympathetic and compassionate. Anyone who challenges the effectiveness of the healing is definitely not qualified to be a healer.

1 為人做天人炁功,第一個條件是自己本身沒有病,至少心理上沒有病,生活要有規律。第二個條件,是能夠發慈悲心、同情心、憐憫心。存了試驗的心,就不合施診的條件。

2 Cosmic Qi Healing is at the forefront of our Church’s missionary work. When we say that healing effectiveness is based on utter sincerity on part of the healer and the recipient, it is to say that we, the healers, must have self-confidence to receive the request of healing. We should empathize with clients, and be compassionate and sincere in our desire to help them get relief from pain.

2 天人炁功是弘教的先鋒。所謂兩誠相感,是對自己有信心,接受他人的求診。我們同情他、憐憫他,誠心要解除他的痛苦。

3 Once the energy thresholds match, the spiritual power will be channeled to the healer naturally. It is at this point that the nonphysical force can be applied.

3 一旦達到適切配合的熱準,自自然然無形的靈力就會加被,無形的力量才用得上。

4 The energy channeled in Cosmic Qi Healing of the Lord of Universe Church is innate energy. Innate energy is inexhaustible. This energy is the spiritual power of the nonphysical universe, which is inexhaustible.

4 天帝教的天人炁功屬於先天能量。無形的宇宙能量取之不盡,用之不竭。

A Spiritual Talk, December 28, 1993