255. The Chinese Civilization


1 It’s not easy to be born in the “Chinese continent.” The Chinese continent is referring to the land where the Chinese live. The rays of raynon from the Raynon Headquarters [in the nonphysical realm] and the spirit Qi of God shoot straight down to the Chinese continent on Earth.

1 中土難生。「中土」就是中華民族血統所在的地方。鐳都的鐳炁、 上帝的靈炁,直射下來就到這一個地球上的中土。

2 From eons of cycles of changes in nature, God has always desired to develop the land where the Chinese have been living, so that whoever lived there could be cared for. Most of the golden seeds of life came down to China in order to gradually develop civilization on Earth.

2 歷劫以來,一直要開化中土,使得中土的生靈能夠直接受到 上帝的關注。萬性萬靈的金盤種子大都落在這一個地球上的中土,逐步開發地球文明。

The Anthro-Celestial Research College, October 23, 1991