273. Being Unafraid to Act When Doing for the Common Good of the Public

二七三、天下為公 敢作敢為

1 Save when you can and spend when you must. For important issues I will not hesitate to spend money on lengthy newspaper advertisements. Why is that? This spending is for the future of the Lord of Universe Church and for our country.

1 該省的要省,該用的要用。我對重要的問題,都不惜登長篇廣告,為什麼?這是為天帝教、為國家的前途。

2 We would rather save on other accounts, yet for the sake of God and the Church, we do not want to be miserly. This work is done for God. Everything we do is for God. Do not do things for yourself. Do it for God!

2 我們寧可在別的地方省,但為教,為 上帝,要不吝於花錢。這是為 上帝辦事,一切為 上帝。要不為自己,只為 上帝啊!

3 Once the systems are established, they must be followed. It is imperative that they are carried out. We want you to be unselfish. Do not get upset because of differing personal opinions. Do everything for the common good.

3 建立了的制度,要執行啊!要實行這個制度!要沒私心,不是為自己個人鬧意氣,一切為公。

4 As long as things are not done for personal gain, everyone can be forgiven. The worst is picking a quarrel over superiority. Fights over superiority are offensive and unworthy, and they violate the principles of cultivating the Dao.

4 只要不為自己,大家都能原諒。最怕是為自己鬧意氣,自己覺得自己很大。如此得罪人就沒有價值,違反修道的原則。

5 If all you do is for the good of the public, for God or for the Lord of Universe Church, you should not be afraid to act.

5 如果為公,天下為公,一切為 上帝,為天帝教,就要敢作敢為。

6 When a man becomes angry, everyone senses his might. Our strivers need to have this kind of aggressive attitude, along with ability and character, so the Lord of Church can have a future. Everyone should be duty- bound to his job. Assume your responsibilities.

6 大丈夫一怒而天下威。要有這種氣魄,有這種擔當,天帝教才有前途。大家在崗位上,負什麼責任就做什麼事,要有擔當。

The Anthro-Celestial Research College, the Anthro-Celestial Cultivation College, December 3, 1993