239. The Foundation of Church Teachings Is Based on the Great Dao of the Universe


1 The Lord of Universe Church follows the teachings of God. The great Dao of the universe is the foundation of God’s teaching.

1 天帝教奉行 上帝的教化。 上帝的教化就是以宇宙大道為教化之根本。

2 God manages countless planets in His way. His way is impartial to all. It is like the sun, it shines on good and evil without any preferences.

2 上帝管理無量數的星球,有祂的大道,有祂管理的方法。大道就是大公無私。譬如太陽,好人壞人一樣沐浴在它的光輝中,陽光普照即日無私照。

3 We should emulate the continuous operation of the universe. The reason why all life forms can survive is because of the continuous operation of the universe.

3 要效法宇宙自強不息地運行。地球上的人類及萬物之所以能生存,就是因為宇宙大道生生不息的運行所使然。

Celebration Party on Mother’s Day, May 12, 1985