266. The Physical and the Nonphysical Realms Strive Together


1 The nonphysical luminorium organization has the presiding spirit, deputy presiding spirit, the chief guardian and each striver’s engendered spirit. They all work together to bring into full play the power for “transforming the nonphysical into the physical.”

1 無形之光殿組織,有殿主、副殿主、總護法,以及各位同奮的原靈,在無形中充分發揮「無形應化有形」的力量。

2 I always tell everyone in the Chinese Original Quiet Sitting Class that before “uniting with their engendered spirit” takes place, that uniting with their engendered spirit has much to do with their future.

2 我總是在正宗靜坐班原靈合體時,告訴大家,原靈合體與同奮的前途大有關聯。

3 Your engendered spirit strives in heaven, and you have to strive in the human world as well, so that you may become one and strive together. Let the physical realm works in concert with the nonphysical realm to bring the spiritual power into full play for saving the world.

3 原靈在天上奮鬥,人間同奮也要在人間奮鬥,才能天人合一,共同奮鬥。有形配合無形,真正發揮宗教救世的精神力量。

High Level Church Officers Training Class, July 11, 1992