233. Fellowship


1 The scientific term of “qin he [pronunciation]” is induction. As there is sense, there is response. “Bonding [qin]” means “come near to,” “harmonizing [he]” means “responding.”

1 「親和」在科學上的名稱,就是感應,有感斯應。「親」即接近,「和」即響應。

2 Fellowship is the way to help people get to know each other and increase their bonding force. Strivers should often fellowship with fellow strivers. It may lead to increased friendships and promote bonding with the Church. Strivers are encouraged to motivate and support each other to strive for the Church.

2 人與人的交往,就是以聯誼的方式,增加彼此的瞭解,加強親力。同奮們應時常多接觸,多交流,彼此促進情誼,以對天帝教產生向心力,互相勉勵,為教奮鬥。

3 Men like to communicate with men. Communication between men and heaven is equally necessary. Meditation is the means to channel information and communicate between heaven and humanity.

3 人與人之間要親和,天人之間也要親和。天人親和,就是以靜坐的方式達到天人溝通的目的。

The Founding Hall, June 6, 1984