237. Emulating the Heart of Heaven; Love All People


1 The main philosophies of the Lord of Universe Church are being kind to all people, understanding the love of heaven for all beings, and acting based on kindness and love. The ultimate goal is to save the world and its people, and help them become the happiest they can be.

1 天帝教的中心思想就是親親仁民,體天心之仁,以仁愛為基礎。而其終極目標為救人救世,登斯民於極樂的願望。

2 I am a civilian and I am only doing my duty as a citizen. This is something conscientious I have wanted to do because of my love for my country, my people, and all mankind.

2 我是一個老百姓,我只盡我做一個國民的一份責任。這是我基於愛國家、愛同胞、愛人類,所想做的一份良心工作。

Tianji Traveling Palace, December, 1984